Global linx doop customers

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global linx was ordered home phone with internet.I was not able to get internet so I cx.

home phone. global linx continued to bill me and now says I'm in contract so there is cx. fee along with the mos. I've paid for recieving no service.

along with that they just cx. my existing phone service with att and debit my card yesterday for cx fee before i have even talked to manager, which is impossible the talk to. I have requested to speak with a supervisor numerous times and have not been contacted yet. Now it's impossible because home service has been cx.

by global linx again.

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Global Linx-VOIP does not support the troops

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My husband and I no longer use Global Linx- VOIP services so I called to cancel the service.They informed me that I could not cancel the service because my name was not on the account.

I told them that my husband is in Iraq and he was unable to call. I told them I had a power of attorney and could fax it to them if they like. They told me that the only way to cancel was if he himself called. I explained to them that he has limited access to a phone and when he does call its for a short period of time.

They said that he was the only one who could cancel and if he did not cancel he would have to continue to pay the bill for the service even if he does not use it or it would go to the collection agency. Now the short amount of time he has to speak to his family he will have to spend on hold trying to call Global Linx-VOIP.

Its hard enough being over there without having to worry about bills that can easily be resolved if only they supported the troops.

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hi, i want to find out how do the wifi phone work and if someone can use the GSM modern to connect to internet.

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